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Typical Mexican Chocolate.

Typical Mexican Chocolate description, mix directions and ingredients = Chocolate Dos Hermanos

It’s Chocolate in bars or tablets, which is used to mix up with milk or water and prepare a hot chocolate drink, or use as an ingredient in recipes to make deserts or dishes, also as a candy (to taste it by it self).

Mix directions:

  1. Heat (before boiling point) one cup of milk or water (8 oz).
  2. Add hot milk or water with 2 pieces (0.79 oz) of Chocolate Dos Hermanos (¼ tablet) into blender or use a whisk, (for Chocolate San Jose use 1 piece (1.10 oz) of a tablet per cup).
  3. Serve your Chocolate Dos Hermanos hot and enjoy it.
  4. Yields up to 4 cups per tablet , 24 cups per package of Chocolate Dos Hermanos (32 of Chocolate San Jose).


Sugar, cacao nibs, lecithin and cinnamon.