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In the year 1948 is when “CHOCOLATE DOS HERMANOS” history begins, as it was founded as a small and rustic chocolate company located at the center of the city. Applying hand made techniques for the majority of its manufacturing processes, it initially produced Mexican chocolate tablets under the brands “Dos Hermanos” (meaning; Two Brothers), “Oro” (Gold) and “San Jose” (St. Joseph).

Entering 1974, the company automated its production line and moved to its current location, in Guadalajara’s Industrial Zone, with a production area of 32,000 sq. f. and warehouse area of 21,500 sq. f.  In 1985 the instant powdered chocolate line of products were installed, introducing the brands “Chocodos” and “Mi Choco”.  Currently “DOS HERMANOS” plant has enough capacity to produce its own brands and private label a few others.  To this date the plant continues to increase its annual production volume.

Our company’s over 60 years of success, is due to the quality of our products, preference of our distinguished consumers, customers, friends, and the effort displayed by our over one hundred dedicated employees.

Currently our products are distributed in the Mexican Republic, and are exported to the United States and various countries in South and Central America, making “CHOCOLATE DOS HERMANOS” the pride of  MEXICANOS!

Choco Dos = Powder Chocolate.
Typical Mexican Chocolate San José.
Mi Choco = Powder Chocolate.
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